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Under the management of PT. ANEKA INTERNIAGA GEMILANG, Grand Spa Contractor is a leading spa construction company specializing in spa rooms and facilities. On 2007 we present ourself as contractor and manufacturer creating designs that are safe, hygienic, using world class standard and different from anything else in Indonesia. We design with beauty, tidiness, strength, comfort, safety and health in mind that will surely benefit the user.

Little one with great passion, we break through the Spa Architecture business as a pioneer with high commitment to achieving our goals. Everything always start small, with high discipline and commitment our struggle will not be in vain. Because it is our responsibility to be great. That is what encourages our team at the forefront to not exclude security, safety and comfort solely for business advantage. Starting from the material we use, no matter how small, we examine them step by step. From base to finishing material that are used, all must pass testing process and should not violate our standard (Environmentally Friendly Material) as we arrive to create final product with high quality result. There is no best product in the world if no continuous improvement is done to it for achieving better customer satisfaction and building better business reputation to create trust.


  • One-stop Spa Contractor Solution.
  • Become the best and number one spa design nationally and internationally.
  • Create spa design that consumers receive with satisfaction and can improve our consumer business field.


  • Continuous improvement in products and services to meet our customer needs.
  • Strengthening position of being the best in the segment of spa contractor.
  • Being pioneer in spa design to lead spa contractors segment and industry.
  • Establish relationships with consumers, as they are an inseparable part of mutual benefit.


“ We form a professional team that succeed in positive environment so they can contribute high loyality, responsibility and commitment in every department. ”


By increasing our strength, we continue to grow into a large and leading edge with continuous innovation in the development of a product. Equipped with the expertise and ability to create quality designs, we will maximize the value of the products our customers will enjoy. We have proven the difference of Grand Spa Contractor by offering an experience of many years combined to produce unique products and high quality result from design to manufacture. Various stages of the checking process is done until the product is ready to be handed over and used by the satisfied customers of our service starting from the design of beauty, tidiness, strength, security and comfort. This 5 keys become the process stages of Grand Spa Contractor quality.


Jl. Sultan Agung, No. 24, Guntur, Setiabudi, Jakarta Selatan 12980

Phone : 021 83706355
Mobile : 08 777 553 5568
Fax : 021 28541788
Email : marketing@ptaig.co.id


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Fax : 021 28541788
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